Posted in June 2011

Food Done Right: Eggs

The Food Done Right series lasts through the summer.  If you need to see the terminology primer, you can upload it to another screen by clicking here. Eggs are good for you.  Eggs are bad for you.  You should eat egg whites.  The whole egg must be eaten.  Don’t eat eggs at all; they will … Continue reading

Food Done Right: Food Label Primer

After rigorously researching the American industrial food system, I decided that the expansive season of summer required me to refocus my energy on highlighting and joyously promoting properly raised food.  Food Done Right will take us through my favorite season. As I have been researching topics for the series, I noticed that I would be … Continue reading

Chickens and Weeds and Berries, Oh My!

Let’s take some snapshots of food stories I have been tracking on this site and where they stand today. FDA Admits Arsenic Exists in Chicken Meat In March, I wrote about the revelation (to me) that conventional farms spray chicken feed with organic arsenic in order to provide growth spurts to their poults.  The trouble … Continue reading

This Just In: Butter Is Not Dairy, But Grandma Might Be

The United States Department of Agriculture (U.S.D.A.), an agency designed to promote the use of commodity crops, that pays farmers not to use their land, and is non-discriminatory about genetically engineered foods, has ditched the food pyramid for a plate diagram.  It provides commentary about the shoulds and shouldn’ts for eating healthy, though it remembers … Continue reading