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Snapshot in Time: Chipotle and Monsanto

Have you seen this ad?  It’s pretty cool and features Willie Nelson.  A friend of mine showed it to me, because I don’t watch the Grammys and didn’t see it that night. Shortly after watching, I went to the Chipotle website to see what they meant by going “back to the start.”  According to the … Continue reading

Food Done Right: Places that Do

Live Nakedly’s Food Done Right series is attempting to go interactive.  So, once you read this post, if you know a farm or restaurant that is provides whole, fresh, and earth-honoring foods, please post below with a link to their website.  And say a thing or two about them. Maryland’s Eastern Shore is a microcosm … Continue reading

Pain in the Arsenic

Hello Readers – You can follow along on Facebook and Twitter, getting announcements and abbreviated observations when I’m not on the clock for an all out post.  Please do. Industrial farming is providing us with news releases that look like a Mad Libs:  Time to Stop (verb) Our Chicken (noun) with (noun) was a recent … Continue reading