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How to Create a Sick Society

Let’s connect the dots to see how human health takes a back seat to corporate messaging. The Expert Conundrum: Fox in the Hen House Aghast, I watched the following power point by a person in the health and nutrition profession.  She offered Big Agriculture a hit list of folks from the holistic food movement, so … Continue reading

Snapshot in Time: Chipotle and Monsanto

Have you seen this ad?  It’s pretty cool and features Willie Nelson.  A friend of mine showed it to me, because I don’t watch the Grammys and didn’t see it that night. Shortly after watching, I went to the Chipotle website to see what they meant by going “back to the start.”  According to the … Continue reading

Food Done Right: Food Label Primer

After rigorously researching the American industrial food system, I decided that the expansive season of summer required me to refocus my energy on highlighting and joyously promoting properly raised food.  Food Done Right will take us through my favorite season. As I have been researching topics for the series, I noticed that I would be … Continue reading