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Food Done Right: Honor the Plants

An avid reader of this blog knows the dangers carcinogens, monocultures, and genetic manipulation of plant species pose for human and planetary health.  Further, you understand that if these methods persist, famine and water shortages are a distinct possibility, since conventional farming features significant crop failures, fails to sequester carbon, wastes water, and ruins soil.  … Continue reading

The Earth, Under My Feet

The Earth, Under My Feet

The first truly warm day of the Spring here in Maryland found me lying on a rock, barefoot, reading.  I did this for about forty minutes, before I decided to walk back to the apartment.  When I stood up, an earthly sleight of hand had occurred.  I had a tremendous feeling of peace.  My shoulders, … Continue reading

Harvest Month: Finding and Feeding

November is Harvest Month on the blog. Like many holidays in this country, Thanksgiving has been glossed over by “Black Friday” and “Cyber Monday” and other shopping extravaganzas.  Each year, a few people get injured or even die in these melees of consumerism.  This year, at least one big chain is dragging its underpaid employees … Continue reading