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How to Create a Well Society

I’ve begun writing this on a sunny Sunday afternoon with a light breeze whipping warm air through the apartment.  Sara, Kalia, and I have already taken a walk around the downtown area near the farmers market.  Since our fridge is pretty full, we picked up properly-raised bacon and onion scallions.  The day has been easy, … Continue reading

Occupy The Food Supply!

If you want to create true democracy, occupy the food supply. The Occupy Movement has inspired so many people worldwide that it warrants capitalization.  Occupy has grabbed hold of the national conversation after being ignored by many media outlets and dismissive witnesses who tried to paint this as a bunch of hippie leeches.  The first … Continue reading

The Paula Deen Hornet’s Nest

Celebrity chef Paula Deen‘s revelation that after years of promoting a health-negative diet she has been a diagnosed diabetic for three years and will now profit handily off of it via a partnership with a pharmaceutical company has proved to be a call to arms for the holistic wellness community.  Holistic wellness professionals are trained … Continue reading

Food Done Right: Home Cooking

The Food Done Right series lasts through the summer. If you need to see the terminology primer, you can upload it to another screen by clicking here. Home cooking is the best way for you to ensure that you are eating food done right.  In our consumer culture, it is hard for us to imagine … Continue reading

This Just In: Butter Is Not Dairy, But Grandma Might Be

The United States Department of Agriculture (U.S.D.A.), an agency designed to promote the use of commodity crops, that pays farmers not to use their land, and is non-discriminatory about genetically engineered foods, has ditched the food pyramid for a plate diagram.  It provides commentary about the shoulds and shouldn’ts for eating healthy, though it remembers … Continue reading

Body Month: Junk Bondage

Recently, I was taken to task as being too strong in my stance when advocating proper growing procedures for our food.  I’ve noticed, too, the liberty people take in calling names whenever someone else tries to promote something healthy.  I started to wonder why this was and pulled the thread.  Here’s where it led… The … Continue reading