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How to Create a Sick Society

Let’s connect the dots to see how human health takes a back seat to corporate messaging. The Expert Conundrum: Fox in the Hen House Aghast, I watched the following power point by a person in the health and nutrition profession.  She offered Big Agriculture a hit list of folks from the holistic food movement, so … Continue reading

Snapshot in Time: Chipotle and Monsanto

Have you seen this ad?  It’s pretty cool and features Willie Nelson.  A friend of mine showed it to me, because I don’t watch the Grammys and didn’t see it that night. Shortly after watching, I went to the Chipotle website to see what they meant by going “back to the start.”  According to the … Continue reading

Good Food News: Five to Inspire

News about food is often limited to recalls or federal raids on Amish farms, lovely things all.  Even on here, while I attempt to pass on the knowledge required for feeding yourself right (for unlike a couple generations ago, you need knowledge prior to eating), I wind up having to point out the nefarious deeds … Continue reading