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The Paula Deen Hornet’s Nest

Celebrity chef Paula Deen‘s revelation that after years of promoting a health-negative diet she has been a diagnosed diabetic for three years and will now profit handily off of it via a partnership with a pharmaceutical company has proved to be a call to arms for the holistic wellness community.  Holistic wellness professionals are trained … Continue reading

Food Done Right: Why It Matters

Ignorance is the state of not knowing.  There is no shame in being called ignorant, though in our vernacular it has become an insult.  Let us not confuse ignorance with the word “ignoramus,” which is decidedly an insult.  This “Food Done Right” series has been meant to combat ignorance, because once you read these articles … Continue reading

Your Inherent Perfection

Nobody’s perfect. How often have we heard that sentiment?  How often have we repeated it? I’m here to tell you that the phrase “Nobody’s perfect” is wrong.  Entirely wrong.  Completely untrue. Because, I am perfect.  Wholly, 100% perfect. And so are you. What if we led our lives, instead of looking for kinks and blemishes … Continue reading