• WNGD For All

    WNGD For All

    World Naked Gardening Day is a hemispheric event, occurring in the global north on the first Saturday of May every year. Originally, it took place in September for a couple years before switching to this annual date. If you live quite north, there isn’t a lot of gardening going on and the naked aspect can also be difficult in the elements. Where I live, we still have a month left before planting since frost is still a danger.

    For me, WNGD is more of a cosplay event. My costume is me, for at least a few minutes to snap my photos since even a sunny day might come with chill and bluster. I grab a garden tool and then pose near the barren garden beds, because we’re not supposed to be putting anything in them. And then before you know it, I’m wrapped back up awaiting the warmth of late spring or summer to finally arrive. It’s variable – today we’re not even hitting 60 and it’s early June.

    I’ve often wondered why WNGD cannot be at the height of summer, when maybe we’re not putting things into the ground, but perhaps we’re picking and pruning and watering and weeding, surrounded by a lush envrionment of greens and reds and yellows. The plants extending toward the upper reaches, hoping to grab as much of the sun as possible, and we an element within the nature we’ve helped to cultivate.

    One person said that naked gardening should be an everyday event and for sure, I advocate for that, but WNGD is a once-a-year celebration within the nudist and planting communities. Putting it where most people can participate, rather than simply looking the part, would be a better way to celebrate it. Early September, when we’re harvesting our efforts or mid-July, when the temps are hot and we’re tending the beds, to me would be better times than early May.

    Until then, I’ll still get out there every year, because it’s my preferred way of existing in the world. But it sure would be nice to have more than a few minutes and to have a ton of plants blending me into the scenery when we all exist in annual celebration.

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