Nudist Culture

Nudism has element to it that is captured commonly in the terms “body positivity.” Essentially, nudism or naturism is for everybody and putting a finer point on it for every body. There is no place for shaming bodies as “too” anything -whether based on size, race, hair, shape, or condition of the skin (such as scarring).

It is, and I have found it to be, a generally welcoming community. There are communities that then take nudism down a more ethical path that is welcoming not just on what the body is, but that also want to ensure that nudism is impactful and open to more marginalized groups – diversity or race, abilities, and orientation. It recognizes that families are not all cis-/hetero- people and wants to blunt the elements of bigotry that can rise up in any community to ensure that nudism is safe and beneficial for all.

Here are some resources that engage in cultural issues related to nudism and naturism.

Podcasts & Blogs

Naked Age: One of the best podcasts around, hands down, is Naked Age. It is a nudist history podcast run by Evan Nix, a descendant of pioneering nudist Rudolph Johnson, but who himself is newer to the world of naturism.

New Nudist Podcast: This podcast is for newbies looking to explore the nudist and naturism world, though it’s informative for those who have been part of the community for a while.

Naturist Living Show: A podcast out of Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park in Ontario, Canada, hosted by park owner Stephane Deschenes, new leader of the International Naturist Federation and the originator of the term “ethical naturism.”

Almost Wild: A great blog about intersectional nudism/naturism.

Annual Events

World Naked Gardening Day: WNGD falls on the first Saturday in May annually, a bit early for those of us in northern climates when July would suit us better. It is a nudist event that tends to go viral each year, even among those who aren’t part of nudist or naturist communities.

World Naked Bike Ride: WNBR is an annual event that is scheduled by location, though is typically in June in the northern hemisphere and December-March in the southern hemisphere. It originated as an event to draw awareness of the dangers cyclists and pedestrians are exposed to by auto traffic and has grown to include protests of fossil fuels and expressions of body freedom.

Naked Hiking Day: NHD occurs on the summer solstice, generally June 21, each year. Check local laws to determine what’s permissible.

International Skinny Dip Day: Every time we swim should be skinny dip day, but I don’t control the world. Wearing cloth in the water will seem insane once you’ve tried it without. Skinny Dip Day is the second Saturday in July and has a charitable component to it.


I will build this out as time passes to include other national organizations. Below are U.S. organizations.

The Naturist Society Foundation: TNSF is based in Wisconsin and lists its mission as “Promoting a culture of body acceptance through clothing-optional recreation, education, and community outreach.” It publishes the quarterly N magazine, has an education arm, and has an action group to take on overzealous politicians.

American Association of Nude Recreation: As part of a longer mission statement found on its website, AANR aims to “to protect, promote, provide and preserve nude recreation.” The organization also has a government affairs team and publishes a bulletin.

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