What Is Live Nakedly?

Live Nakedly is a website and occasional blog specifically designed to provide reliable information about nudism and naturism in the United States. This will build out with commentary on nudity laws, as well as health, body positivity, and well-being from a nudist perspective.

You’ll notice I often use images from the art world. That is by design. Several years ago, I ran a different nudist blog and while it generated some nice content and a small following, it received more than its fair share of criticism. Surely I couldn’t be a “real nudist” if my blog wasn’t peppered with personal photos. When I acceded and added some non-frontal photos, it became that I surely couldn’t be a “real nudist” if I didn’t show my front. I’ll post the occasional photo, but if you’re going on nudist websites with the primary purpose of looking at photos and then being judgmental, I would question your commitment to the community. Certainly, we’ve all read history and advocacy books on a wide variety of topics that don’t have a single photo in them and come away with valuable information. That’s my aim here.

The internet makes it difficult to control our likeness and how it is used. The nudist community, in particular, deals with more than our fair share of folks who do not have the interests in ourselves nor our community at heart. It’s prurience through and through and I choose not to leave myself open for that.

The external links I provide likely do have photography in them.

I hope you stick around here for the words. I wish you peace.

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