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I’m Seejay and nudist is my identity. I did not grow up in a nudist environment, but I always had the internal pull to forge and live a nude life. I didn’t know there was a community of like-minded folks out there until I discovered it online in the early 2000s.

In my twenties, I started to accept myself for who I am and in the intervening two decades I’ve slowly “come out” to people who know me, including a soft launch with a photo on Facebook in the summer of 2022 that indicated I was at a nudist location. In some ways, it proved to me no one really cares if one is nudist, though those who replied were very supportive.

We can’t expect acceptance until we accept ourselves wholly and that’s what this space is for. To provide a perspective on nudism/naturism and to promote a holistic way of living beyond those moments of being unclothed.

I’m a member of The Naturist Society and have published three times in their N magazine. I also wrote an article on body positivity and nudity on for MindBodyGreen about a decade ago and an updated version for Planet Nude.

My intent here is to demystify nudism and naturism, to help people understand what it is and isn’t, and to offer a place of solace.

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